Question: How Much Are Socks At Launch?

How much is it for 2 hours at launch?

2 hour general admission* $24.

1.5 hour general admission* $20.

1 hour general admission* $15..

Do you have to wear socks at a trampoline park?

No to socks Another reason to avoid socks is that they keep your feet from gaining traction on the board, increasing the likelihood of slipping. If you need a fun time with friends, family, and colleagues, a trampoline park is always a good idea.

Who owns Launch Trampoline Park?

Ty Law and Robert Arnold are co-owners of Launch Franchising, LLC, with two corporate locations in Warwick, RI and Hartford, CT, and franchise locations along the East Coast.

How many launch trampoline parks are there?

20 parksAbout Launch Trampoline Park Currently, there are more than 20 parks open and operating in 13 states, with numerous others in various stages of development across the country.

Do parents pay at Sky Zone?

Yes. Every jumper needs to sign a liability waiver at each Sky Zone location. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian must fill the waiver out for you, but does not have to be present when you visit the park.

How much does launch cost?

GENERAL ADMISSION: All Day general admission** $22. 1.5 hour general admission* $18. 1 hour general admission* $15.

How old do you have to be to work at launch?

Hiring age is anything from sixteen and above.

How much do you get paid at Launch Trampoline Park?

Average Launch Trampoline Park hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.38 per hour for Monitor to $14.17 per hour for Assistant Manager. The average Launch Trampoline Park salary ranges from approximately $36,915 per year for Assistant Manager to $45,345 per year for General Manager.

Why did launch Nashua closed?

>> Download the FREE WMUR app Arnold said that the temporary closure is not because of an injury. Guests who had booked parties at Launch have been told they are getting refunds mailed to them. A message on the company website indicated Launch Nashua would reopen in the near future.

Are trampoline parks a good investment?

Initial costs are high to open a trampoline park, but the profits can be high, too. For example, one trampoline park in California has an annual profit of $780,000. Some big names in the industry make millions in total annual revenue. It’s up to you how much you want to charge customers per hour to jump on trampolines.