Quick Answer: Is Phew A Word?

How do you spell fuel?

Correct spelling for the English word “fuel” is [fjˈuːəl], [fjˈuːəl], [f_j_ˈuː_ə_l] (IPA phonetic alphabet)..

How do you spell few as in relief?

The word few is derived from the Old English words fēawe and fēawa, which mean not often, a small number, not many. Phew is an exclamation that may be used to indicate having smelled something unappealing or rancid. Phew may also be an expression of being overheated or exhausted, or as a sign of relief.

What does P U stand for?

P/UAcronymDefinitionP/UPick Up

Is Phew allowed in Scrabble?

PHEW is a valid scrabble word.

What does Phew mean in text?

thank god that’s overThe word phew is used in Slang, Texting, is a general term meaning what a relief,what a relief its over,that was a close one,thank god that’s over,Phew means that is over thank god, finally was was close.

How do you spell cute?

adjective, cut·er, cut·est. attractive, especially in a dainty way; pleasingly pretty: a cute child; a cute little apartment.

Is Whew a Scrabble word?

WHEW is a valid scrabble word.

What does Phew mean?

used to express relief or fatigue1 —used to express relief or fatigue. 2 —used to express disgust at or as if at an unpleasant odor.

Why do we say Pee Yew?

1) It’s a shortened term for puteo, which is Latin for “to stink, be redolent, or smell bad.” I actually called a professor of Latin at the University of Florida to verify this one. 2) It’s actually spelled “piu,” but is often pronounced as “pee-yew”. It’s root is the Indo-European word “pu,” meaning to rot or decay.

How do you spell pew like stinky?

For some reason, the latest standard dictionaries ignore humble “pew.” But our old copy of the unabridged Webster’s New International Dictionary (2nd ed.), printed in 1956, has it, along with the alternative spelling “peugh.” It’s defined as an interjection for conveying “disgust, as at a stench.”

How do you express relief in writing?

RELIEFbody slumping, losing its stiff posture.shaky laughter.a slow smile.falling back into a chair.asking/demanding someone to repeat good news.asking a redundant question to assure that the moment is real.eyes that go up, looking heavenward.letting out a huge breath.More items…

How do you spell feel?

verb (used without object), felt, feel·ing. to perceive a state of mind or a condition of body: to feel happy; to feel well. to have a sensation of being: to feel warm.

How do you use phew?

phew! used when you are happy that something difficult or dangerous has finished or is not going to happen, or when you are tired or hot: Phew! I’m so glad I don’t have to give that speech.

How do you spell relief sound?

Originally Answered: What’s the sound made for “relief”? The sound is “ahhhhh.”

Is Phew a real word?

phew in American English (fju: conventionalized pronun.) a breathy, almost whistling sound used variously to express a sense of relief or to express surprise, disgust, etc.

Which is correct Phew or Whew?

As interjections the difference between whew and phew is that whew is an expressive sound made indicating the release of one’s inner tension; the release of breath; an expression of relief while phew is used to show relief, fatigue, surprise, or disgust.