Quick Answer: What Does Fudgel Mean?

Is Carceral a word?

Carceral is a word that is generally not found outside the confines of academic or legal contexts..

What is a Nyctophilia?

A preference for the night or darkness.

How do you spell budge?

Correct spelling for the English word “budge” is [bˈʌd͡ʒ], [bˈʌd‍ʒ], [b_ˈʌ_dʒ] (IPA phonetic alphabet)….Similar spelling words for BUDGEbeige,bug,buggy,nudge,Budged,bulge,fudge,budget,More items…

What does intemperance mean?

lack of moderation: lack of moderation especially : habitual or excessive drinking of intoxicants.

What is Carceral pedagogy?

Carceral pedagogies, as I have explained, emphasize dominance and control over children instead of emphasizing their flourishing, let alone their liberation. These methods are prevalent in schools serving Black and Brown kids in the US.

How do you spell bridge?

Correct spelling for the English word “bridge” is [bɹˈɪd͡ʒ], [bɹˈɪd‍ʒ], [b_ɹ_ˈɪ_dʒ] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

How do you use Fudgel in a sentence?

Ways to uses fudgel in a sentence: All I did was fudgel all day long. The boss noticed his new employee fudgeling at his desk.

What is a Bedswerver?

Bedswerver. Definition: “One that is false to the bed; one that ranges or swerves from one bed to another.” (

What does Clinomania mean?

Noun. clinomania (uncountable) An excessive desire to remain in bed; morbid sleepiness.

Where does the word fudge come from?

Before 1886, the origin and history of fudge is unclear, but Fudge is thought to be an American invention. Most believe the first batch was a result of a accidental “fudged” batch of caramels, hence the name “fudge”. In 1886, fudge was sold at a local Baltimore grocery store for 40 cents a pound.

What does fugal mean?

: of, relating to, or being in the style of a musical fugue.

What is Crapulence?

1 archaic : sickness occasioned by intemperance (as in food or drink) 2 : great intemperance especially in drinking.

What is carceral punishment?

The carceral society—in which “punishment and discipline” was “internalized and directed to the constitution and, when necessary, rehabilitation of social subjects”—had replaced the culture of spectacle. … To Foucault, the carceral system is personified in the French penal institutions like Mettray and Neufchatel.

What does Carceral feminism mean?

“Carceral feminism” refers to a reliance on policing, prosecution, and imprisonment to resolve gendered or sexual violence.

What is a chorale?

A chorale is a melody to which a hymn is sung by a congregation in a German Protestant Church service. The typical four-part setting of a chorale, in which the sopranos (and the congregation) sing the melody along with three lower voices, is known as a chorale harmonization.