What Is The Best Quality Fountain Pen Ink?

What is diamine ink?

Diamine have been making ink since 1864 and are one of the last remaining manufacturers in the UK.

Diamine ink is a water-based ink perfect for any brand of fountain pen..

Which is the best ink?

If You Are Short of Time, Here Is My List of the Best Fountain Pen Ink in the MarketAurora Ink Cartridges.Noodler’s Bulletproof Black Ink.LAMY Bottled Fountain Pen Ink 50 ml.Monteverde Fountain Ink Bottle.30 PCS Jinhao Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges Set.Platinum Carbon Ink Bottle.Kaweco Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge.More items…

Is Pelikan ink good?

The Pelikan Edelstein inks continue to be a tremendous success and include some of the best-selling inks on the market. Moreover, Pelikan continues to release one “ink of the year” Edelstein color annually. In comparison to the Edelstein line, Pelikan’s historic 4001 line gets less attention.

How do I choose a fountain pen?

When selecting your fountain pen, it is important to bear in mind how you write. If you have small handwriting, then we suggest looking for a fine nib which will give you precision. For heavy handed writers, we suggest purchasing an iridium-tipped nib, which is more durable and tends to reduce wear and tear.

Is blue or black ink better?

In the days before color photocopiers, blue or black ink was preferred because other colors were not dark enough to reproduce. … When it comes to choosing between blue or black ink, the consensus is that blue makes it easier to assume a document is a signed original as opposed to a black-and-white copy.

“Blue ink is preferred because when black ink is used, someone at the bank or credit card company may not be able to tell whether they are looking at a photocopy of a signature or an originally inked signature,” says Cina L. … “It’s easier to assume that the document is ‘original’ if it is signed in blue ink.”

Why is blue ink used more?

The pervasiveness of blue ink has to do with the type of ink that preceded the modern dye based inks. From about the 5th century to the late 19th or early 20th century, standard ink used in Europe was iron gall ink. … The ink was (and is) also valued for its permanence.

What is the best blue fountain pen ink?

Top Blue Black Fountain Pen InksLamy Blue Black.Pelikan 4001 Blue Black.Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite.Pilot Blue Black.Pilot Iroshizuku Shin-kai.Platinum Blue Black.Sailor Jentle Blue-Black.Sailor Sei Boku (pigmented)More items…•

Can you use any ink in a fountain pen?

A: Most fountain pens can use a cartridge or bottled ink with a converter. A few brands such as Pelikan, primarily use bottled ink. They have their own “piston” reservoir inside the pen which holds the ink for you. … Any ink that we sell will work with your fountain pen.

Most commonly, either blue or black ink is used for signing documents. While both are acceptable, many people consider blue the optimal choice. … Blue ink also indicates that the document is an original and not a copy.

Why is Parker pens so expensive?

The Parker Company has a few patents on specialty fountain pens. So since they own something that is proprietary, and therefore cannot be replicated, they are able to charge a premium price. Some of their pens are made of special materials like gold or platinum, which can also add to the value of the product.

Why is fountain pen ink so expensive?

Fountain pens are expensive because of high material costs and high production costs. FIrst, the material costs. The most important factor in determining the cost of a pen is the material of the nib. … Production of a fountain pen involves way too many components to be produced to compete with gel and ball pens.

How long does ink last in a fountain pen?

If you use the pen consistently, then the ink may last about a week or so. But if you use it once in a while, then it would last about 6 months to one year at best. It’s highly recommended to change the ink cartridge every 6 months because the ink cartridges usually begin to lose its quality between 6-9 months.