What Is The Opposite Of A Specialist?

What is the synonym of specialist?


What is your specialty meaning?

: something that a person or place is known for making or producing very well. : an area of study or business that a person specializes in or has special knowledge of. See the full definition for specialty in the English Language Learners Dictionary. specialty. noun.

What’s another name for attitude?

In this page you can discover 79 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for attitude, like: approach, demeanor, frame of mind, disposition, character, manner, stance, pose, attitudinize, bent and spirit.

What is the opposite of an expert?

expert(noun) Extraordinarily capable or knowledgeable. Antonyms: inexpert, nonexpert.

What is a non specialist?

: a person who does not specialize in a particular occupation, practice, or branch of learning : a person who is not a specialist The geometry text is clear enough for the nonspecialist to understand.

What is an example of a specialty good?

Specialty goods have particularly unique characteristics and brand identifications for which a significant group of buyers is willing to make a special purchasing effort. Examples include specific brands of fancy products, luxury cars, professional photographic equipment, and high-fashion clothing.

What does squashing mean?

1 : to press or beat into a pulp or a flat mass : crush. 2 : put down, suppress squash a revolt. intransitive verb. 1 : to flatten out under pressure or impact.

What is your specialty as a doctor?

A medical specialty is a branch of medical practice that is focused on a defined group of patients, diseases, skills, or philosophy. Examples include children (paediatrics), cancer (oncology), laboratory medicine (pathology), or primary care (family medicine).

What is another word for coordinator?

Synonyms: director , supervisor , organizer, administrator , adviser, organiser (UK), advisor , manager , team leader, project leader, facilitator, arranger.

What does being a specialist mean?

A specialist is defined as “a person who has special knowledge and skill relating to a particular job, area of study”. Therefore, generalists are the “jacks of all trade” – they have an understanding of a wide range of things. … On the other hand, specialists are the experts in their specific field.

What is the opposite of specialty?

▲ Opposite of a highlight or special attraction of a particular place, thing or event. lowlight. letdown. disappointment.

What’s higher than an expert?

If you’re looking for a word below expert, you could use adept to describe their skill level. … Alternatively, skilled, accomplished, talented, proficient, or gifted.

What do you call someone who is an expert in their field?

Some common synonyms of expert are adept, proficient, skilled, and skillful. While all these words mean “having great knowledge and experience in a trade or profession,” expert implies extraordinary proficiency and often connotes knowledge as well as technical skill.

What do you call an IT expert?

other words for computer expert geek. techie. computer geek. computer specialist.

What is another word for sassy?

arrant, audacious, bold, brassy, brazen, cheeky, discourteous, disrespectful, flip, flippant, fresh, insolent, mouthy, rude, saucy, wise, smart-alecky.

What are specialist skills?

Specialist Skills means using proven expert knowledge and best practice to support people. This includes providing support with physical, mental, emotional and social needs and also meeting syndrome- and time of life-specific needs.

What are some antonyms for attitude?

attitude / antonymsavoid.bull.abeyance.equity.certainty.fact.frog view.frog’s eye view.More items…

What’s another word for bad attitude?

What is another word for bad attitude?negative attitudechip on one’s shouldercynicismdefeatismdim viewdiscouragementexpectation of the worstgloomy outlookhopelessnesslack of confidence16 more rows