What Is The Verb Of Possible?

What word class is existence?


the state or fact of existing; being.

continuance in being or life; life: a struggle for existence..

Is existent a word?

adjective. existing; having existence.

What is the root word of validity?

validity (n.) 1540s, from French validité or directly from Late Latin validitatem (nominative validitas) “strength,” from Latin validus (see valid).

What is the verb of existence?

exist. to be; have existence; have being or reality.

What is the verb of valid?

validate. To render valid. To check or prove the validity of; verify.

Is it existed or exist?

Exist or Exists is a matter of past, present, and future with indirect context. Past: The file was not found. Did it ever exist? It never existed.

Can finesse be used as a verb?

verb (used without object), fi·nessed, fi·ness·ing. to use finesse or artifice. to make a finesse at cards.

Is eat a verb?

verb eats, eating, ate or eaten.

What is the verb form of strong?

14 English Words with 4 FormsNOUNVERBADVERBsadnesssaddensadlysignificancesignifysignificantlystrengthstrengthenstronglysuccesssucceedsuccessfully10 more rows

What is the noun of dangerous?

noun. noun. /ˈdeɪndʒər/ 1[uncountable] danger (of something) the possibility of something happening that will injure, harm, or kill someone, or damage or destroy something Danger!

What is the verb of dangerously?

Word family (noun) danger (adjective) endangered dangerous (verb) endanger (adverb) dangerously.

Can best be used as a verb?

best (verb) best man (noun)

Is existence a word?

Existence is the state of being alive or being real. … The noun existence can be used many different ways, but it always has to do with being alive or with simply “being”. You can talk about the survival of something as its existence, like your yo-yo club having lost so many members that its existence is in danger.

What is the noun of valid?

noun. the state or quality of being valid: to question the validity of the argument. legal soundness or force.

What is another word for valid?

Some common synonyms of valid are cogent, convincing, sound, and telling. While all these words mean “having such force as to compel serious attention and usually acceptance,” valid implies being supported by objective truth or generally accepted authority.

What existed means?

The verb exist means to live, to have reality. Dodos no longer exist because they were hunted to extinction. Another meaning for the verb exist is to support oneself or survive. … If someone doesn’t have a job, they may have to exist on unemployment benefits until they find one.

Was existed in a sentence?

“The main dance clubs were outside the village, and what gay space there was existed only once you went through the doors and paid your money. Rosavin was existed only in RH, RSE and RR species. As can be shown, a wide range of correlations was existed among the five variables.

What part of speech is exist?

verb (used without object) to have actual being; be: The world exists, whether you like it or not.

What type of word is existed?

verb (used without object) to continue to be or live: Belief in magic still exists. to have being in a specified place or under certain conditions; be found; occur: Hunger exists in many parts of the world.

Is bestest a word?

Bestest is something you’re most likely to hear from children or in a very informal setting. It might not be grammatically correct, but its meaning is obvious and you can find it in dictionaries, which makes it a word, even though it’s nonstandard.

What type of word is dangerously?

adjective. full of danger or risk; causing danger; perilous; risky; hazardous; unsafe. able or likely to cause physical injury: a dangerous criminal.